The Case for “Mental Cases”: Slashing Stigmas and Redefining Discourse  

Sometimes, it is not until you experience something for yourself that you truly realize all of its challenges. For those living with a mental illness, one of the many challenges is dealing with the stigma of being labeled as such. Whether it is an anxiety disorder, a mood disorder, or an eating disorder, an association […]

Singer Canjelae reaches out after Sandy Hook shooting

The Bermudian singer-songwriter dedicates her single “Healing” to all who are affected by the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. On Dec. 14, 2012, Adam Lanza shot and killed twenty children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Before driving to the school, Lanza shot and killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, at their […]

Man Mauled By Tiger After Jumping Into Tiger Den At Bronx Zoo

A man who jumped into a tiger cage Friday at the Bronx Zoo is in critical condition after losing a foot. The man, said to be in his 20’s, jumped into the den at about 3:30 PM. He was quickly taken out of the den and taken to Jacobi Hospital nearby. Reports of the man, […]

Chris Lighty Committed Suicide

You probably haven’t heard of Chris Lighty, but you have heard of the artist he manages; Mariah Carey and LL Cool J. He was the founder of Violator Entertainment. The police responded to a call at 670 West 23nd Street in the Bronx, New York at 11:30 a.m. on August 30th. Lighty were only 44 […]

WR of Tennesse Titans O.J. Murdock dead at 25

The life of the Titans’ wide receiver O.J. Murdock has come to a tragic end in what appears to be a suicide. At only 25 years of age, Murdock had already made a name for himself, being a state champion sprinter in track and field and being ranked as the 10th best overall receiver by […]

Young Adult Covers Depict Death as Beautiful

(From Rachel Stark’s article) What do recent Young Adult books all have in common, apart from having beautiful people falling in love at an early age? Book covers featuring the teenage heroines in a picturesque background, serene in the embrace of death – a first impression that is meant to portray the epitome of an […]

Death by self made Gas Chamber

Edna St. Vincent Millay once said, “Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies”. Unfortunately, 4 days ago death cruelly claimed the lives of two children, preventing them from ever reaching adulthood. On July 5th 2012, 5-year-old Trever Noel, Jr and 4 month old Lillian Noel were murdered by the mother, 29-year-old, Lisette Bamenga. Police sources […]