Alcohol Enema Causes Near Death Situation

Towards the end of last week, police were called to Pi Kappa Alpha’s fraternity house on Knoxville’s campus. Arriving at the house, police found twenty-year-old Alexander P. Broughton lying unconscious in his own feces. Police say earlier that night Broughton participated in a drinking “game” known to students as “butt chugging.” “Butt chugging” consist of […]

WR of Tennesse Titans O.J. Murdock dead at 25

The life of the Titans’ wide receiver O.J. Murdock has come to a tragic end in what appears to be a suicide. At only 25 years of age, Murdock had already made a name for himself, being a state champion sprinter in track and field and being ranked as the 10th best overall receiver by […]

Abstinence-Only Education: Doing More Harm Than Good?

Sex Ed. class: for most middle or high schoolers, it’s not exactly their favorite class of the day. Most of us who are in college or beyond will remember the somewhat awkward days of middle school or early high school, when we had to spend about an hour a day sitting in a classroom with […]