A Problem that Cannot be Solved With BBQ

In the early 1500’s the Eurasian wild boar was brought over to the Americas. Initially, it was a domesticated animal and a food source for new settlers. But pigs of any sort are crafty creatures and many of the domesticated Eurasian boars made their escape. Hundreds of years later, the ancestors of the wild boar […]

Texas Drought Leaves Lasting Effects

Last week I volunteered to paint a thrift store with a couple hundred other people. The paint project was outside, so when the sky went dark and the thunder rolled in all anyone could hear were groans. The rain inconvenienced us, left us without a purpose and became quite a nuisance. The irony of our […]

Mom Sends Child to School With Drug Laced Lunch

Torina Ann Gutierrez, a 34-year-old Texas mom, was arrested on Friday after sending her six-year-old daughter to school with a PCP laced sandwich packed in her lunchbox. PCP, or phencyclidine, is a hallucinogenic drug also referred to as “angel dust”. Faculty and staff of Popham Elementary school in DeValle, Texas said the first grade child […]