UK Monarchy Today

  Almost a year ago the UK and half the world went mad with excitement over the birth of Prince George, son of the glamorous Kate Middleton and Prince William. The universal appeal of the good looking and charming couple have made the British monarchy more popular than ever. But the ineffectiveness and impracticability of […]

Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

Genetically related to SARS virus, MERS was first discovered in Bisha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has been found in dromedary camels and bats. It has been found in following nine countries; France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, KSA, Qatar, Tunisia, UAE and the UK It has a 50% fatality rate. It is a disease which is […]

UK to introduce plastic bank notes in 2016

The Bank of England announced it will begin issuing plastic bank notes for the first time in 2016, starting with the new £5 featuring Sir Winston Churchill. Bank of England governor Mark Carney said the notes would “combine the best of progress and tradition,” adding that the switch was a “natural evolution”. The plastic bank […]

Badger Culls Attempt to Halt the Spread of Bovine Tuberculosis

A few weeks ago, two pilot tests were conducted in England to determine whether badger culls would be effective in curbing the rapid spread of bovine tuberculosis among cows and other farm animals. The culls will be carried out over a six-week period, during which sharpshooters will kill 70 percent of the badger populations in […]

5-Year-Old, Daniel Harrison, Enjoys First Meal After Treatment Helped Him Overcome The Fear Of Food

5-year-old, Daniel Harrison from the U.K., is finally able to enjoy food and drink after undergoing treatments to help him get over his fear of eating. As an infant, Daniel, was traumatized from painful acid reflux he experienced because of his mothers breast milk. Because of that, he was fed through a feeding tube for […]

Twitter fuels the Olympics

Four years ago if someone told me that Twitter would play an integral role in the 2012 Beijing Olympics, I wouldn’t have believed you. It wasn’t until about two years ago I began using Twitter. Now it makes perfect sense to me as to how twitter is such a large role in the games this […]

A New Face to a Bright Future

Florence is a breath of fresh air to a mist of identical musicians. Florence + the Machines is an indie rock band containing lead singer Florence and a background band. Initially, the public did not notice the band, but when BBC praised them their music gained momentum. BBC put some of the bands songs in […]