Snapchat Adds Video Calls, Instant Messaging to App

Snapchat pushed out a new update for their social photo-taking app on May 1, allowing users to preview features through a Snap video and through a ‘story’ posted on the app. On their official blog, Snapchat said remarked that the popular aspect was missing an “important piece of the conversation: presence.”  The app, will now […]

Facebook Grievances

A lot can change in five years. Just look at Facebook. In the five years that I’ve had Facebook, they have changed the profile setup countless times and added video chat features, just to name a few. However, some of the newer features on Facebook have made the social media site nearly unbearable to use. […]

Special Delivery! Skype Gives Soldier the Best Independence Day Ever

Minnesota native Ted Freese has been stationed overseas in the Middle East, but that didn’t stop him from witnessing the birth of his first child. Thanks to Skype, an internet service that allows users to make telephone calls and video chat, Freese was a part of the special, life-changing moment even though he wasn’t physically […]