Common Misconceptions of Generation Y

As an active reader, I always get a kick when I see multiple posts about how this generation’s lackadaisical approach to life is the best thing since sliced bread, how it is going to change the world for the better, and so on and so forth. Sometimes as I’m scrolling down the illuminated screen after […]

From Goats to Rocks, Silly Simulators

In the not too distant past, an odd game came out under the name Goat Simulator 2014, the original game was originally made as a joke with no intention of becoming a full game during an game jam hosted by Coffee Stains Studios, the same company who worked on Sanctum.  The game play features the player […]

$250,000 Prizepool for Hearthstone in Upcoming BlizzCon

Hearthstone, Blizzard’s strategic online card playing game has been announced to be a part of the upcoming BlizzCon in November, with a whopping prize pool of $250,000 dollars to be doled out to the most skilled players, with first place taking home $100,000.  Hearthstone, a  game only recently released this year in January,has quickly gained huge […]

Halo to Produce a Live Action Web Series

Following in the footsteps of other gargantuan game franchises, the creators of Halo 4 announced that they will be releasing a 5 episode live action web-series in October. The series is set to take place at the beginning of the war between humans and the alien race, the Covenant.  It will then follow the story […]