Bikers Against Child Abuse: Breaking the Chains of Abuse

(Bikers helping a victim feel safe – photo by Karina Bland) If you were a victim to abuse at six years of age, likely at the hands of a once-trustworthy adult figure, who would you turn to for reassurance? Try a beefy, black-leather-wearing guy on a roaring motorcycle. With their emblematic do-rags and tattoos, they […]

Taking the “Not” out of “Life’s Not Fair”

You hear the cliché “Life isn’t fair” all the time. While it’s true, it’s often used as an excuse to allow things to remain unfair – as a justification for apathy. However, the nonprofit world and all the people that contribute to it whether through donations, volunteer hours or committing their career paths fight to […]

Mind the Gap

Taking time to further develop their maturity, gain life-altering perspectives, and pursue academic and career interests in a different setting—maybe even across the world—is growing in popularity for high school seniors headed towards higher education.  It’s called taking a “gap-year,” and it is not something that only the young can benefit from.  Taking some time […]