The Problem with Iggy Azalea

I appreciated Q-Tip’s response to Iggy Azalea, but personally, I thought he was very lenient in his assessment of her. Furthermore,  let me explain why Azealia Banks is not wrong for her attack on Iggy, as well as point out all that is problematic in Iggy’s responses to both Azealia and Q-Tip. The problem with […]

Peachtree International Film Festival

Peachtree Village Internatioal Film Festival Kicks off Date: September 26th – 28th Open Legs With A Closed Mind Documentary feature is scheduled for Showing: Friday, Sept. 26th at 4:00-5:45 The documentary focuses on the larger population of unwed mothers in the African-American culture. This film also explores interracial dating and why society chooses to be-little […]

Bloomington’s New Hot Spot: The Hive

Bloomington, Indiana, is not a place that comes to mind when you think of bustling nightlife. Frustrated with that fact, in January of this year, Ron Patton and a few business partners came up with the idea to improve the bar scene by combining a restaurant and a nightclub. Patton and partners got a lead […]

Response to “A White Woman’s Opinion on Black Women”

In order to understand the context of this piece, you must first read this:  . My response featured below ultimately became a novel-length Facebook status that I realize was better suited for this medium:  In light of a very silly article I just read by a White woman arguing that Black women all need to […]

Zimmerman is Overdue for Jail

I was not going to chime in on the Zimmerman trial because I should not be so fed up that I feel I have to. I usually try to stay away from these kinds of issues because Rules of Racial Standing have it that minorities that experience racism are somehow not at liberty to discuss […]

Cuddling With Pride

Lately I’m hearing more and more people say not to let pride stand in your way, set aside your pride, pride’s not important, or that pride won’t keep you company at night whenever the question of whether or not to pursue some relationship is on the table. I don’t know what’s going on in my […]

Steubenville High School Rape Cover Up

Consider This A Call to Action: It’s no secret the lengths that some morally decrepit characters in our society will go to just to downplay rape and ensure that rape victims are blamed for what happens to them and that rape is even joked about. It’s also no secret the way high school athletes are […]

Letter About One’s Favorite Racist Interactions

To: People That Work So Tirelessly to Disrespect Me Simply Because I’m Black Let me first start by saying that I do know I’m expected to show my superior maturity by saying you do not bother me, but that would be a lie. You actually do often make me angry, though I always opt to […]

Staying Above The Belt

In every argument, there is a point you should never go beyond because there is always a point of no return. Yes, no matter how angry you are. Pretending that the sole purpose of any argument is to prove just how tough you are by telling yourself that there is no button you will not […]

New Nigerian Innovation:

Press Release: The Next Big thing is Here, Africa:   From the heart of Nigeria, we introduce to you, a job search engine for Africa, which is revolutionizing the job market across Africa. Africans have always being accustomed to the traditional ways of finding jobs, which are local newspapers, word of mouth from friends, bill boards, […]

Post Release: Tony Gaskins “Mrs. Right” Seminar hits Atlanta

Tony Gaskins “Mrs. Right” Seminar hits Atlanta with Guest Panelist Bryan Michael Cox, Kenny Pugh, Enitan Bereola ATLANTA, GA — On Saturday November 17, 2012, Tony Gaskins hosted Mrs. Right Seminar produced by TwoSquared Ent. and RV Group, LLC. With special male panelist best-selling author, speaker, and columnist, Enitan Bereola; relationship strategist, author, minister, and Chat Kafe radio […]

The Amanda Todd Situation

I am very sympathetic to the story of Amanda Todd and how she felt forced to take her own life, however, I’m not particularly fond of how everyone who can be seen as an antagonist in her life is now being vilified. The hacker who had tormented Amanda, there is very little I can say […]

Racial Assumptions

Election season has really allowed for a lot of usually reserved for your intimate group of friends racism, to come to the forefront in a very unattractive way. Most irritating of all the comments, assumptions, and stereotypes that get passed around about all Black people during this time, is to me, the idea that if […]

Sons of Anarchy Actor, Johnny Lewis, Dead

Most people may know 28-year-old Johnny Lewis from Sons of Anarchy, but I know him as the shy, lovable and slightly awkward musician in Raise Your Voice. The actor has apparently  suffered from serious psychological disorders his entire life and had spent the majority of this year in and out of both jail and rehab […]

Lil Wayne & DJ Drama: Dedication 4

I don’t know who isn’t aware, seeing as it was trending on Twitter and slowing down , but Lil Wayne’s mixtape Dedication 4 was released yesterday. The mixtape has all kinds of features from artists like Nicki Minaj, J.Cole, Jeezy and others. I’ve heard mostly good things with lots of people claiming (and hoping, […]

Terrence J Replacing Ryan Seacrest!

Terrence J is just having himself a good year. First he stars in Think Like A Man which became a huge success, so huge, that they’re making a sequel. And now, after recently announcing that he and his co-host Rocsi were leaving 106 & Park, he has been revealed as Giuliana Rancic’s new co-host on E! […]

Chuck Norris says America faces 1,000 years of Darkness if Obama Wins Re-Election

It’s truly ridiculous that some people feel the need to be so extreme about the things that leave their mouths when they don’t like a politician. It’s just never this serious. But anyway, Chuck Norris and his wife Gena decided to make a YouTube video encouraging  Evangelical Christians not to vote for Obama because he’s […]

Memphitz Sues VH1 and LHHATL Creators

Well, I’m surprised to see this happen. If anything, I thought he would’ve sued K.Michelle. But Memphitz has now filed a lawsuit against VH1 and Mona Scott Young for what he sees as giving K.Michelle the platform to discuss her abuse at the hands of Memphitz, which he is still adamantly denying. Memphitz maintains that […]

LL Cool J Beats Up Burglar

Of all the celebrities in the world you could try to rob, instead of trying your luck with someone like Michael Cera, 56-year-old Jonathan A. Kirby chose to break into LL Cool J’s house. Stupid, just stupid. Needless to say, LL Cool J gave him the ass whooping of a lifetime. LL Cool J first […]

Usher Wins Custody!

I know Usher’s Ex Wife Tameka Foster is suffering right now with the loss of her 11-year-old son Kile Glover and I sympathize with her tremendously. Nonetheless, Usher won his custody battle with her and has received primary custody of their sons Usher V and Naviyd. Usher and Tameka have had a very nasty custody battle […]