Biggest Californian Earthquake since ’89

Around 3:20 AM August 24th, six miles north Napa, a large earthquake rudely woke many residents of Napa, California awake in the most powerful earthquake to hit the state since 1989, measuring at a magnitude of 6.1.  The quake caused much structural damage, fires, and injured 90 people, 3 of which are in critical condition.  Luckily, in the […]

Cellphone Unlocking Soon to be Legal

This past Friday, Congress passed a bill called, “Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act,” that makes it legal to unlock cell phones for personal use.  “Unlocking” usually entails entering codes or using external software so that phones are not limited to certain carriers.  An unlocked phone can use other carriers, if the phone is physically capable […]

Largest Gas Explosion in Taiwanese History Kills 26

Taiwan, still reeling from the news of a deadly plane crash less than a month ago that killed 48 and injured 10 met yet another tragedy  midnight on Thursday and early Friday in a series of 5 horrific gas explosions that sent vehicles and chunks of concrete soaring as high as three stories through the air from […]

IBM’s New “Brain” Chip May Lead to Advanced AI

The far fetched dream of advanced artificial intelligence and computing may not be as far off as we used to think thanks to a new incredibly powerful prototype chip IBM unveiled Thursday.  The chip is designed with the human brain in mind, since the human brain considered the most powerful and efficient processing system in […]

People Would Rather Shock Themselves Than be Alone With Their Thoughts

Amidst all that is our busy lives, what with all our work, family, and hobbies to attend to, it may have crossed your mind that at least you, if not everyone would like some down time to themselves, to just ponder alone in their thoughts.  However, according to a study from the University of Virginia […]

From Goats to Rocks, Silly Simulators

In the not too distant past, an odd game came out under the name Goat Simulator 2014, the original game was originally made as a joke with no intention of becoming a full game during an game jam hosted by Coffee Stains Studios, the same company who worked on Sanctum.  The game play features the player […]

Flesh Eating Spiders

While there are plenty of insect eating spiders out there in the world, there happen to be spiders out there made out of the stuff of nightmares.  Flesh eating spiders.  Specifically, fish, not people.  While most spiders opt for smaller prey, there are a few fish eating species out there that can eat prey twice […]

Teleportation, Science Fiction Without the Fiction

At TU Delft, a university in the Netherlands, have successfully sent quantum data, a single qubit, via teleportation.  While teleportation of people and things is still only for the imagination, scientists managed to spirit the qubit across a distance of three meters. In a paper titled, “Unconditional quantum teleportation between distant solid-state quantum bits”, recently […]

$250,000 Prizepool for Hearthstone in Upcoming BlizzCon

Hearthstone, Blizzard’s strategic online card playing game has been announced to be a part of the upcoming BlizzCon in November, with a whopping prize pool of $250,000 dollars to be doled out to the most skilled players, with first place taking home $100,000.  Hearthstone, a  game only recently released this year in January,has quickly gained huge […]

Will Suspended Animation Become a Real Thing?

A theme common in science fiction media, suspended animation, or the indefinite suspension of human life is something that seems impossibly dangerous, fit only for books and the big screen, but this month, at the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, the first human testing of suspended animation will take place on ten patients.  While the purpose of this will […]

Explosion in Buffalo Grove Scares Many

Near 11 pm Friday night, a loud explosion resounded through Long Grove and Buffalo Grove, scaring many and sending local high school students to their social media.  Rumors are flying, questions of bombs and traffic accidents, or even wild speculation on aliens, but one student reported, “It was an explosion, there’s literally insulation from someone’s […]

The Health Benefits of Coffee

We’ve been hearing for ages that coffee isn’t good for us, it makes us short, among other things, specifically, the finger is pointed at the caffeine in coffee, bringing about things like decaffeinated coffee.  But are many health benefits that have been surprisingly discovered recently, such as helping with weight loss and even helping to lower blood […]

O’Hare Airport Noise causing problems for Chicago

Aldermen Mary O’Connor and Margaret Laurino, two members of the Chicago City Council have before demanded for the Council to do something about the noise generated from O’Hare airport.  However, since January until recently, their efforts have largely been ignored.  Last week the two finally received council approval to place an advisory referendum proposal on the upcoming November […]

Illinois Senate Passes Bill to end Ticket Quotas

In a recent majority 57-1 vote, the Illinois Senate has passed a bill that aims to end the supposed ticket quotas that some in the state suspect exist. Before the passing of the bill there was speculation that police were required to meet some arbitrary number of tickets issued, and complaints such as unfair or excessive […]