A New Kind of Fierce

For a good amount of his time at the University of Missouri, the word “fierce” could be used to describe Michael Sam’s competitiveness and play on the field, most notably during a senior season that just saw him become Mizzou’s first unanimous All-American player in over 50 years. Anyone even remotely familiar with Mizzou football […]

S.O.S.! (Save Our Sluts!)

Okay, now first of all, let me preface this post by saying that the term “sluts” is, IN NO WAY, being used as some sort of colloquial blanket term to homogenize or categorize women. In fact, anyone who knows me knows that few people hate the marginalization or careless objectification of women more than I […]

It Shouldn’t Come to This

Mental stability is something that I’ve always taken for granted. I’ve been blessed to heretofore have always been able to claim control of my mental faculties, so I’ve always been quick to dismiss claims of mental instability as “just an excuse.” That’s no longer the case. Whenever there’s a big national tragedy, especially those involving […]

Sex Cymbals

Today’s offering is called “Sex Cymbals,” a topic and title that is predicated upon the homonymic relationship between “symbols,” the things that are used to physically-yet-quietly represent something, and “cymbals,” the very loud instruments generally used to garner attention. For instance, Marilyn Monroe would have been a regular “sex symbol” back in the 40’s and […]

The Perils of Instant Gratification

There’s no way around it: we as a society, are OBSESSED with ourselves. Be it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other number of social platforms that we use on a regular basis, we can’t seem to get enough US. The advancements of technology have basically even made things like calling someone a tedious exercise. […]

Don’t be THAT guy!

Today’s lesson is on the dangers of being “THAT” guy (or girl – no misogyny here!). We all know what I mean. In every office, store, bathroom, Plasma Center, friend group, family, or orgy, there’s one naive soul who violates basic tenets of common decency with absolutely NO hint of irony or awareness. It’d be […]

A Beginner’s Guide to March Madness

Well folks, it’s here. That most wonderful time of the year for sports fans – both casual and hardcore – is here: March Madness. Buzzer-beaters, 3-pointers, stifling defense, championship-level intensity; for some of us seasoned sports fan veterans, it’s the culmination of the long, arduous, often frustrating process known as the college basketball regular season. […]

Your College Survival Guide

So I’ve been, more or less, in college forever. As with most things, that fact has it’s distinct advantages and disadvantages. I’ve learned a lot since I started college seemingly back in the late 90’s – most of which involves things found outside of a textbook. It’s always bothered me how college is always portrayed […]

More Shades of (Black, White, and) Grey

Quick, everyone – if someone asked you what the most offensive word in the English language was, what word would you guess? I would venture to guess that it wouldn’t necessarily be the same word for everyone, but I would bet that most of us agree that there’s one word that it’s safer to never […]

The S.A.D.(ness)

There are some things that need to be said. Why today, you ask? Well if any day lends itself to one of my rants and raves, it’s the “holiday” that is staring us right in the face today. This day is Valentine’s Day, a.k.a. the irrational, overbearing aunt that you rarely see of all corporate […]

Religion in Sports

Last night, millions of people around the world tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, which saw the Baltimore Ravens knock off the San Francisco in an epic battle of will and dueling shifts of momentum, the fulcrum of which was a puzzling 34 minute stretch in the 3rd quarter when half of the stadium […]

Phi Gramma Jamma

Salutations, blogosphere! Sir Marcus here with a topic that I must admit, I can never seem to get enough of: the prevalent poor grammar of people all around us. It has gotten to the point that I’ve been practically pregnant with the anticipation of my impending bite out of this subject. Well guess what, blogomaniacs? […]