New Laws and Bans on Ivory Trade

Poaching and wildlife trafficking are some of the most challenging aspects of wildlife preservation. Which is why in early February of 2014, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service implemented a ban on the commercial trade of ivory. This move was made in response to the recent spike in elephant poaching that has occurred over […]

Oregon Chub Possibly to be Removed from Endangered Species List

The Oregonichthys crameri, or the Oregon chub is native to western Oregon. It is a tiny silver-colored fish that can fit in the palm of your hand, and it has a very specific habitat. The Oregon chub prefers waters with little or no flow such as beaver ponds and marshes. For the last one hundred […]

Comment Period for Grey Wolf’s Fate as Endangered Species Re-Opened

In the fall of 2013, a proposal was made to remove the grey wolf from the IUCN Endangered Species Red List in order to focus conservation and recovery efforts on the subspecies the Mexican wolf. The details of the plan were posted on the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s website. And as is customary, […]

Endangered Mexican Wolf Makes Small Steps to Recovery

Recently, there have been improvements to the grey wolf population within the United States. So much so, that there was a motion put out to remove the species from the endangered species list in order to focus conservation efforts on other species. This included the cousin of the grey wolf, the Mexican wolf. Much like […]

White-Nose Syndrome Alarming Threat to North American Bats

In caves throughout North America, bats are suffering from Geomyces destructans, or white-nose syndrome. Millions of bats in over twenty U.S. states and at least five Canadian provinces are falling victim to this disease, which is quickly spreading to more caves throughout North America. White-nose syndrome, or WNS, is a disease contracted by hibernating bats. […]

How does the IUCN Red List Work?

The IUCN, or International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Red List of Threatened Species is a comprehensive inventory of almost all of the known species of plant and animal in the world. The list is meant to evaluate the status of each species and their risk for extinction. With such a large and complicated […]

Snow Leopard Faces Extinction

Panthera uncial, more commonly known as the snow leopard, is listed as endangered by the IUCN Red List. This grey and white black spotted large cat is illusive in nature to begin with, but over the last twenty years their population numbers have been steadily decreasing. As its name suggests, the snow leopard lives in […]

Some Strange News About a Strange Town: “Welcome to Night Vale” podcasts

In 2012, the first episode of a podcast called “Welcome to Night Vale,” was published online by Commonplace Books. The creators, Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, write new episodes and air them on a bi monthly basis. Since it first aired, “Welcome to Night Vale” has gained a swiftly-growing fan base. “Welcome to Night Vale” […]

Return to Oak Island Money Trap?

A new series will soon be debuting on the History Channel. Called “The Curse of Oak Island,” this five-part series will document the adventures of two brothers as they join the ranks of the many treasure hunters who have tried to uncover the mystery of the Oak Island Money Trap. The money trap was first […]

Bonnie and Clyde Return to the Big Screen

Many people are anticipating the primer of the History Channel’s miniseries Bonnie and Clyde. This new series is scheduled to be aired worldwide on December eighth and ninth. The previews portray them as a gun-toting criminal couple with Clyde the brawn and Bonnie the brains of their operation. Promotional pictures show the couple in classic […]

What is Sealand?

During World War II, England set up a number of sea forts in the waters surrounding their island as an extra defense against German attackers. After the war, of course, the forts were abandoned as they were no longer needed. One fort in particular, however, lives on in a rather strange, and little-known manner. In […]

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Update E.S.A. Candidate List

Recently, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service released their Candidate Notice of Review for endangered species. The Candidate Notice of Review is a comprehensive list of all of the plants and animals that should be considered for protection under the Endangered Species Act, or E.S.A. The review includes updates from the last review, which […]

Gray Wolf May Be Removed From Endangered Species List

Recently, a proposal was made by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list and focus their efforts on the recovery of the Mexican wolf, which is still endangered. Until recently, the gray wolf was considered endangered and near extinction. Since settlers moved to the Americas the […]

Western Black Rhino Extinct

The western black rhinoceros has been declared extinct. The year 2006 was the last time the western black rhinoceros was seen in the wild, and since then a review of plants and animals has been conducted and the extinction was made official by the I.U.C.N. The western black rhino was considered critically endangered for many […]

An Extension of Halloween

Many people love Halloween for its spooky atmosphere, or if you have a sweet tooth, for all the candy, and for others, they just love to dress up in costume. But then October 31 comes and goes and the costumes are put away for another year, right? Wrong! For some, it’s costume season all year […]

A Problem that Cannot be Solved With BBQ

In the early 1500’s the Eurasian wild boar was brought over to the Americas. Initially, it was a domesticated animal and a food source for new settlers. But pigs of any sort are crafty creatures and many of the domesticated Eurasian boars made their escape. Hundreds of years later, the ancestors of the wild boar […]

Crayfish: Food and Environmental Indicator

Catching crayfish in the creek behind the house is a common childhood memory for many outdoorsy people. Sometimes gray or brown in color and only about seven inches long, the crayfish is like a small lobster and is food for many animals (including people). But the crayfish is also an important environmental indicator and a […]

Another Look at a Common Bird

When we think of common birds found year-round in North America, we think of robins, blue jays, cardinals, and the Canadian goose. The house sparrow is also one of the most common birds found throughout North America. Considered to be of least concern on the ICUN list, the house sparrow is also an incredibly successful […]

A Prickly Nuisance for Ohio

In the early 1800’s, a rosebush called the multiflora rose was brought from Asia into the United States. Like some species introduced into a non-native area, the multiflora rose had a purpose to serve. Originally, it was just a pretty, if thorny, ornamental flower, but it was also used as a natural fence for fields […]

The Difference Between Two Bears

The grizzly bear and the black bear are closely related to each other and at first glance, may be difficult to tell apart. But for those who enjoy hiking or hunting, or are just looking to protect their livestock and crops, it is very important to be able to tell the difference between the two. […]