Three Simple Tips for Being A Truly Better Student

To me, being a high performing student is more than simply having a remarkable memory or constantly stressing over parents or grades. Being a top student also means being able to stand out in some way and letting your top qualities shine through, which is what schools like Harvard and Princeton are looking at. (If you […]

Intoxicated When Breaking Into a Home?

As a resident of Minnesota myself, I found it interesting to hear the story of two teenagers, Nick Brady and his cousin Haile Kifer, both of whom broke into Byron Smith’s home and were shot and killed by Smith. Superficially, the case is already murky and open to controversy by political commentators. However, the case […]

From a Baby to a 14 Year Old in Pictures

A recent time-lapse titled “Portrait of Lotte: 0 to 14 years in 4 min”  by Masseo Messina shows the growing up of a Dutch girl, Lotte. Part of a popular type of film, the video is known as a time-lapse for the compilation of daily photos to depict change, almost like a stop-motion film, but […]

Wealthy DuPont Heir Rapes Daughter But is Spared Jail

Richard H. Richard IV, the great-grandson of a chemical magnate living a 1.8 million dollar mansion, has been convicted of raping his now 11 year old daughter back in 2005. After pleading guilty to fourth degree rape of his daughter, he was initially assigned an eight year prison sentence in 2009. Details are only now […]

Kathleen Sebelius Resigns as Health Secretary

Following criticism over the implementation of Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Kathleen Sebelius is resigning as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Instead, Obama is appointing Sylvia Matthew Burwell, currently Director of the Office of Management and Budget. During her tenure, which started in 2009, Sebelius oversaw the poor start-up of the Obamacare […]

Did a Typo Cause the Boston Marathon Bombing?

A recent Congressional report reveals that the Russian Intelligence Agency FSB repeatedly warned the FBI about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon suspects. The first warning occurred as early as March 2011, over a year and a half before the bombing and linked Tsarnaev to radical militant Islamists. A follow-up investigation by the FBI […]