PDA: Is it even necessary?

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I’m single. There I said it, I’ve never been in a committed relationship. A relationship period, while I’ve had my flings, I’ve never gotten to the point of boyfriend and girlfriend. However, I have many friends in relationships, which means I’ve witnessed enough public displays of affection to last a lifetime. Bringing me to ponder on whether if the act is even truly necessary?

Couples make me depressed, very depressed. They never make me jealous; okay maybe certain couples, but only a little! My main point though is I find PDA in social situations with friends, awkward. One second we’re all hanging out and having fun, I look away for a second and the next thing I know they’re sucking each other’s faces. Is it that truly even necessary? What are you attempting to accomplish ‘Look at us! We’re a couple.’ Allow me to let you in on something; no one; absolutely no one gives a fuck.

Does my hatred of PDA stem from my single status? No, I certainly don’t believe so, when I was involved with a person I kept physical things private. Okay, I may have been caught a time or two doing physical activates with the opposite sex. But, people were either asleep or walked into the room. Anyway, I don’t think two people need to prove they’re an item to the world. At least, when they have their friends around. Hugging is acceptable; holding hands is acceptable; a kiss hello and goodbye is acceptable; but making out and all that other stuff are completely unnecessary.

Due to the fact that I am one of the few remaining single friends, I find my shelf in a lot of third wheel situations. With that said, I believe there is no reason for that to happen. If two individuals invite me to hang out with them, there is no need to text each other; suck on their necks; or make out. If you want to have some private time than don’t invite to hang out with you. I hope that if you’re in a relationship and you are guilty of this please consider your friends feelings. From someone who is more often than not an awkward third wheel, it’s depressing and very annoying.


  1. While the article is open and honest, I find it funny and a mind opener.

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