Courtney’s Tell-All: I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends

Courtney Robertson – more commonly known to the world as the villain on Ben Flajnik’s season of the Bachelor – recently released a book on June 24 titled, “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain”.

I can’t lie; I was more excited than I should have been for this book release. I admit that I am a total fan girl when it comes to all things in Bachelor Nation. Every Monday night I stop whatever I’m doing and veg out on the couch for two hours – such a guilty pleasure.

Back on Ben’s season we were introduced to Courtney: a flawlessly sculpted model from California. (But really, where do they find these beautiful bombshells?) I vividly remember disliking Courtney from the beginning. The show made her seem arrogant and fully aware of the fact that she had Ben wrapped around her finger.

She was the girl that we loved to hate.

Inevitably, she won Ben’s heart and he proposed to her at the end of the show.  But to no one’s surprise – they didn’t last. After an 11-month relationship the couple decided to part ways.  And until recently, both parties were relatively silent about the reasons behind their split.

Single now, Robertson is finally ready to spill all the details of her personal life.  Reading her take on things was like eating candy.  Nothing nutritional but you have to keep going – you can’t stop until it’s all gone.  This addictive memoir recaps Robertson’s experiences with men in the past, her experiences on the show, and her life since then.

Courtney stated in an interview, “I wanted a chance to talk about what went down from my perspective, because I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there about me. Writing the book has been very cathartic — I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself and love!” she said. “I think fans of the show are going to love it, it’s totally juicy and hilarious.”

I must admit that I absolutely loved the sincerity of her book. It was intimate and as personal as a tell-all book can get – from telling the reader about her first experience masturbating to her various sexual rendezvous to her depression during the filming of the show. It tells it all.

However, I do think Courtney’s numerous attempts to blame her “stand-up comedian gone bad routine” was overdone. She is a girl with bitchy tendencies. Everyone has bitchy tendencies – she just needs to accept that her bitchiness was caught on camera and aired to the entire nation. However, I do believe that her character was manipulated into the villain of the season through editing process of the show by overcompensating her positive comments with her negative ones.

Courtney provides the fans with the inside perspective we all crave while watching the show. It’s a never-before-seen look at a show that is known for being meticulous and kept under wraps. We see another side to the contestants – without all the glitz and glamour – we see their isolation, loneliness, difficulty dealing with housemates, and the plethora of alcohol the greatly impacted their relationships with one another, and the repercussions of putting your quest for love on television.

“I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain” is a tell-all memoir that is truly one-of-a-kind piece through its dissection a world where the common man typically never learns the secrets of: reality television.

For any Bachelor or Bachelorette fan – this is a MUST read. And if you have read it, let me know your thoughts!

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