Social Media has been Plagued with Zombie Virus

As far as I know, the dead are not currently becoming reanimated to roam around and eat the flesh of the living, but while the zombie apocalypse may still be in the unforeseen future, it seems as though zombies have taken over at least one aspect of our lives. This past week social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have been plagued with their own form of zombie virus.  The zombie craze has grown so rapidly that ‘zombies’ and ‘zombie apocalypse’ have been in the top 20 Google searches since Tuesday.

It all started on Saturday when a gruesome assault on a homeless man, Ronald Poppo, had nearly 75 percent of his face chewed off by 31 year-old Rudy Eugene in Miami, Florida.  When police officers approached Eugene to try to disengage him from Poppo’s face, he simply growled and went back to his face-chomping business.  Eugene was then shot, as another attempt to get him off Poppo’s face.  When it was clear a bullet wouldn’t even deter him from his grisly meal, officers opened fire and killed Eugene.  This bizarre incident has already reached internet infamy, and cries of “zombies!” have been echoing throughout the Twitterverse and Facebook world since.   Add to the craze that reports of a Maryland man dismembering and eating the heart and brain of his roommate have recently been released and the internet video which shows a Canadian man torturing, killing, and eating parts of another man; and our beloved social media sites have found themselves in zombie-filled mass hysteria.

The zombie apocalypse obsession has grown so much that the federal government released an official statement on Thursday: zombies do not exist.  (This is ironic because in the past the CDC has posted zombie apocalypse preparedness tips as a joke to get people prepared for other types of natural disasters.)

The CDC’s statement on Thursday has done little to subdue the zombie craze, however.  Zombie tweets and statuses still infect our social media sites, and show very little promise of stopping anytime soon.  If you ask me—which no one is—it’s annoying.  These crimes were not committed by zombies but by men.  Calling them zombies and downplaying the recent flood of cannibalistic attacks to a zombie apocalypse is ignoring the true nature of what’s happening: a man assaulted an innocent homeless person after supposedly getting high on an easily accessible substance, an engineering student admittedly ate part of his house mate without any explanation as to why, and an accused kitten-serial killer has released an internet video of him murdering an innocent victim and his whereabouts are still unknown.  These are the real problems.  Zombies are not.  The dead are not walking and causing these problems, but making these crimes notorious through a social media epidemic may influence more deranged people to cause these types of crimes.

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