100 Hours of Carson Henley

Indie artist Carson Henley has been growing in popularity since the June 26th release of his newest album, 100 Hours. The album itself is not only packed with refreshingly excellent tracks, but the story behind the making of the record is truly inspiring. Henley, along with Grammy winning engineer Kory Kruckenburg, managed to write and record all 7 songs in just 100 hours at Seattle’s VU Recording Studios.  Music lovers can have a glimpse into the life of one artist trying to make it big in a city filled with people attempting to accomplish that exact same goal by watching the documentary, “The 100 Hour Project”. The video chronicles Carson Henley’s journey as he takes on the brilliant task of completing an entire album in such a short amount of time.

Henley’s efforts definitely paid off. 100 Hoursis a stunning album that brings a fresh sound to the world of music. With influences that include Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, and The Beatles, Carson Henley describes his musical style as “Funkadelic Rock”. There isn’t any of that auto tune garbage to be found here. Henley’s sound relies on pure talent and soulful, gritty vocals. While his voice is reminiscent of Jason Mraz with a lot more soul, it is really an injustice to his hard work and talent to compare Carson Henley to other more well-known artists. He has managed to create a distinct sound that is all his own.

The album includes 7 tracks: Ain’t Gonna Dry Your Tears, Fire, Go Under, Where We Started, The Game, Leave This Mess, and Give It Up.  Every song is impressive and unique with relatable lyrics. If the object was to give this listener goosebumps, then Henley succeeded (and gained a new fan).  “Fire” is a can’t miss track that perfectly exhibits Carson Henley’s smoldering vocals and impeccable songwriting skills. “Give It Up” is a fun track that displays that old-school funk sound that can be found in most of the songs on the album. I can’t say enough good things about Carson Henley as an artist. He is a driven individual that is carving out his niche in the music world and I personally can’t wait to hear more from this talented young man.Purchase 100 Hours on iTunes for $5.99 and take a look at the incredible documentary “The 100 Hour Project”.

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