“The Walking Dead” are staggering back for season 3

The hit AMC show will return this October.

Based on the comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic drama centered on the presence of “walkers.” No, I’m not referring to the push toys toddlers use to take their first steps, or to the canes used by the elderly; I’m talking about zombies.

Developed by Frank Darabont, the series stars Andrew Lincoln as the sheriff’s deputy, Rick Grimes. Coming out of a coma, Grimes awakes to find himself in abandoned hospital. It’s not long before he realizes that it’s only abandoned by the living- the dead are plentiful, and not all are at peace. He sets out to see if there are any other survivors, and more importantly, to find his family.

Since the series’ 2010 début, the storyline has expanded to accommodate a small group of survivors, each with their respective internal dramas. Living in a society where humanity is a luxury few can afford, the dead are not the only thing to be feared. When the only option among the living is to fight or be killed, there’s no time to let it become personal. Luckily for viewers, (some of) the survivors are human enough to feel conflicted, enhancing the group dynamic as the series develops.

The Walking Dead has come a long way since it’s first season, which featured a mere six episodes.  AMC recently announced that the upcoming season will feature a whopping 16 episodes! Set to be split into two parts, the first eight episodes kick off in October. The second half of the season will pick up in February 2013. (x)

The serial drama will return to cable and satellite subscribers on October 14th at 9 pm. (x) To get a sneak peek a season 3, check out http://www.amctv.com/the-walking-dead/videos/season-3-comic-con-trailer-the-walking-dead.

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