New Website Helps Organize Life

Surfing the web one afternoon, I stumbled upon a website called Springpad. Springpad provides an interface for its users to create lists and organize any aspect of life. But these lists, which Springpad dubs “Notebooks,” are not limited to text. Notebooks can be filled with pictures and even audio. Not only that, but items can be “clipped” directly from the internet, allowing the user to directly access the webpage that the image or text came from at anytime. So, if I created a Notebook and called it Upcoming Movies to see, I could clip the trailers of the movies I want to see off of any website and have them neatly located in one place with my free Springpad account.

Users can also choose to make their Notebooks public and share their ideas or, in turn, search through public Notebooks to follow those that suit their interests. Members can explore Notebooks for new books to read or recipes to cook; a popular Notebook can have any subject.

The website is basically a combination of Pinterest, an internet’s Bookmarks feature, and any list you’ve ever made. Springpad’s interface is easy to use and the app for both Apple and Android smart phones allow your Notebooks to go anywhere with you. The versatility of the website makes it great for anyone to use in any facet of their life: running a household or business, remembering birthday presents or simply finding new hobbies. I would highly recommend that you check out

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